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10 Latest Web Hosting Company Reviews 2017

Comparer, lire et examiner les entreprises d'hébergement Web . www.000webhost.com est un fournisseur d'hébergement Web gratuit et cela est un répertoire d'autres sociétés d'hébergement Web que vous devriez considérer ou à éviter! Webmasters & les utilisateurs de services peuvent comparer ou écrire des commentaires sur presque tous les hébergement gratuits et payants . Notre répertoire d'examen est l'un des plus grands sur le web, avec 100% vrai service commentaires des utilisateurs.

Avis sur hostinger.com by Annie lewis on 2017/07/22 at 02:52
Special thanks to the support staff, real professionals.
Avis sur hostinger.com by RR Play on 2017/07/21 at 08:29
Dear to all,

As i purchase a one domain and vps server 2 month it work so fine..now the site has down...am trying to more ways to run my site...but none happens ,,, very poor support teams are there...
Avis sur fasthostingdirect.co.uk by bob on 2017/07/20 at 23:31
I have no complaint about my website, but the 24/7 support is untrue. I am still waiting for a reply to my emails sent weeks ago.
Avis sur gigapros.com by Erik Vogt on 2017/07/19 at 13:49
I can say there are lots of web hosts out there in the hosting services market. I have heard that those sites who say 'TOP 10 web hosting providers to deal with' are not so reliable in terms of supporting their customers because of the big number of clients and they have no time to solve the troubles they face.
One of my friends recommended Gigapros VPS hosting to transfer some of my web sites to US.
I paid via paypal, setup was fast. Moreover, their customer support helped me with migration - I am very thankful for that. Pricing is suitable for my budget (I have so many useful features and free staff).
Recommend this nice hosting. Gigapros is the best one!
Avis sur glowhost.com by Daniel Horn on 2017/07/19 at 12:47
There's no other score than 5/5 to give GlowHost, their services are extremely cheap for what they offer, seriously I don't have a clue how they do it. Servers are always reliable (we have only had a few major outages in this last year), the guys behind glowhost.com are always around to help, and the company is extremely transparent, a great US based hosting company that really does offer it all.
Avis sur gigapros.com by Ognien Dzukic on 2017/07/17 at 07:14
I host my baby apparel shop with gigapros web host. The shop is built on WordPress and WooCommerce. PayPal integration was easy and I like being able to sell to other counties from the site.
Avis sur greenbaynet.com by Julie on 2017/07/13 at 16:43
They do not have phone service! Nowhere can you find a number for them. The one that ENOM gave me, who they sell through, was "disconnected or out of service". The phone numbers on White Pages for them are for unrelated companies. And their prices are exorbitant.
Avis sur datagate.co.uk by Christine MacDonald on 2017/07/12 at 09:45
Have Datagate gone out of business? I've had to move my domain name through Nominet as Datagate did not respond to any support queries through email ( They all got bounced back) and its impossible to contact them by phone; it goes through to a voicemail and then says the voicemail box is full. They did not let me know my domain needed renewing and just suspended it. It meant no clients could contact me, my website was down and it looked like we'd gone bust! Have now moved to 123-reg who DO answer their phones and have been so helpful!
Avis sur siliconhouse.net by vijay on 2017/07/11 at 12:39
Very Poor ..slow server ..No customer support
Avis sur vortechhosting.com by Marsha Keller on 2017/07/10 at 21:13
Well, when Craig owned the company, and I was one of the first subscribers, it was great! He would answer any question with an email or phone call, and give me all the information I needed to hand-code my site. That was. . . well. . . 20+ years ago. I've stayed with them, but am now looking to change for several reasons.

First - The email platform is terrible, sluggish, difficult to maneuver and unreliable.
Second - the tech support these days will not call. Everything is through email, and it takes multiple emails and "support documents" to even get a reply. Then, not one of my issues has been fixed.
Third - I was hacked, all my pages had weird coding in them, I had to redo everything, was never warned, found out through GOOGLE that my page was off their list and was blocked. No warning, and zero help from Vortechhosting. So. . . I'm no longer a happy and satisfied customer. Any help is welcome.
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