How to make a website header

How to make a website for free

We show, not tell! See how easy it is to build a website with 000webhost. Make a website and go online in less than an hour!

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This guide is designed to show you how easy is to build your first website!

Four steps, less than an hour! Time to build your website:

  1. Pick a name that will suit your website the best

    Every project needs a great name! With 000webhost the options are nearly endless.

  2. Pick a platform that you’re most comfortable with.

    Find the perfect framework for your new website!

  3. Customize your website!

    Create, add content, set up shop!

  4. Go online!

    Begin your online journey!

Step 1 - Pick a name for your website!

Every good story starts with a name, so will your journey with us. Match your website with a name! Make it catchy, make it fun, do what fits your project best! The domain name is the first impression you’ll make, take your time!

SEO matters

Your domain name can be a keyword! Include one in your websites name and improve your SEO ranking.

What makes a good domain name?

A domain name can coincide with your brand and build a good appearance when supported by an excellent website!

choose website name
choose preferred platform

Step 2 - Choose your preferred platform!

000WebHost provides three options when building a website! You can use our website builder tool, WordPress or import the files of an existing website. Here you’ll learn about WordPress!

1-click installation.

Getting WordPress literally takes one click! Choose the option and install WordPress on your website!

Why WordPress?

Build a website with the most popular CMS on Earth! It’s the best for good reasons: WordPress is open source, incredibly fast, flexible and SEO friendly.

The best free WordPress experience.

We have successfully managed to build servers that work specifically with WordPress! We have optimized the system to get the most out of it! Increased speed and bulletproof stability guaranteed when creating a website!

Step 3 - Make your website!

This is where the real fun starts. Click “Customize Your Site” and build a website! Select a theme and use simple Drag&Drop tools! Play around with the style, import media and start putting up your content.

Embrace Possibility

Here is where you make your website shine! Pick a template that represents your project the closest and take it from there! Add or remove features that you need!

Hundred of Themes!

Don’t worry, when it’s WordPress, there is something for everyone! Hundreds of themes waiting for you to put them to good use.

Optimise SEO

Search engines read WordPress effortlessly! Remember to use keywords and raise your SEO ranking.

customise website
publish website

Step 4 - Publish and get your website online!

That’s it. You did it! Congratulations, your website is online and ready to meet the world wide web! Completely free, just like we said!

What happens now?

Manage your content, upload additional posts and keep building your online presence!

Get in touch with your users.

Contact forms, social media integration, comments and much more! Find a way to communicate with your audience that is the most comfortable for you.


Find plugins, experiment with features and keep growing your website! We will help you improve your website as your project grows with its audience!

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